Myrealcover exists to encapsulate

The nature of living a life with no restraints. Inspired by the inner-city environment, we disrupt the norm and break boundaries of the urban narrative by curating high-end and forward thinking collections. Our signature red square, Along with the new logo, consists of four equal parallel lines and four right angles. This represents our commitment to creating pieces that are luxurious, fearless and unique, thinking outside the box each and every time. Being out the red square is where myrealcover resides, and the broken square signifies how we all view the world differently.
The intent is to be in a space with no limitations and avoid following the status quo. The use of red signifies danger which is the area myrealcover chooses to stay away from. Understanding that pushing boundaries is a learning process, the brand’s aim is to involve our followers to be part of the journey with the intention to establish that all myrealcover logo’s represent not being labeled, judged, forced in any way to be anyone other than who you want to be.
One of a most iconic images taken of myrealcover is 50 cent wearing the orginal MRC t-shirt. A picture can mean a thousand words, all what is important is outside of the box.